About Me

As college came to a close, Adam's comic career began. Using the school's computer labs to print up their own mini-comics, Adam and a few friends started self publishing titles like Welcome to Onion Fields and Adventures of Adventure. Though many of these comics are sold out or currently out of print, they led to Adam's work being featured in such anthologies as If-X, Mysterious Visions, Candy or Medicine, and numerous others.

Adam eventually began working as a writer and editor for Twofold Comics, managing their anthology series Shrunken Wool as Contributing Editor, as well as writing their 2009 Indy Comic Book Week One-Shot Life (With Friends). After Twofold Comics disassembled, Adam continued writing and published his graphic novels through 215 Ink. Brian & Bobbi which came out in 2011 (which was recently re-released). He also stepped in as Editor for 215 Ink, overseeing such titles as Warped, Vic Boone, Jesus Hates Zombies, and Blue Moth. 215 Ink also released Adam's second graphic novel In the Fallout in May of 2014.

Currently Adam is a member of Read Furiously, co-writing their series new The MOTHER Principle as well as acting as an editor and writer for their digital One 'n Done collection, which features his first novella, What About Tuesday along with the comic one-shot Helium where Adam got a chance to team up again Jeff Chin to create a one of a kind story of love and chemistry.