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Graphic Novels

Brian & Bobbi

Brian & Bobbi is a story for those who feel ignored on a daily basis. Brian has gone completely unnoticed all his life, despite being born with amazing superpowers. Bobbi is the illegitimate daughter of a superhero who can't seem to convince anyone she's just a regular kid. By chance, the two meet and what results is a coming-of-age tale set upon a larger than life superhero backdrop. It's a graphic novel where the super villains, the powers, and the incredible fight scenes are really just the catalyst to tell the much deeper story of two people who couldn't be any more different -- or any more alike.

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In The Fallout

From critically acclaimed writer, Adam Wilson, and featuring breakout artist, Jeff Chin, comes a stream of consciousness tale set in the mind of a fractured young girl. The world ended in a horrific tragedy, and she now must navigate its aftermath in hopes of finding the one thing she needs more than anything else. A way to move on.

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The MOTHER Principle - Volume 1: MOTHER Knows Best

From the ashes of the Old World, M.O.T.H.E.R. rose to power. The government agency, Maiden Objectives Through Holy Effective Righteousness, brought with them the creation of the Six Daughters. Genetically engineered from the greatest female figures in all of human history, the Daughters were designed to be perfect soldiers. Through their powers of persuasion, combat, empathy, technology, biology, and invulnerability, they would be humanity's saviors - the ones who would reshape the world in M.O.T.H.E.R.'s image...until the day they broke free.

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Non-Comic Titles

What About Tuesday

My first non-comic work ever to get published!

Should you ever wake up to find a day of the week missing due to a freak abnormality in the nature of space-time, it's probably a good idea not to mention it to anyone. It's definitely a good idea not to mention it to the slight ginger working for Getty's Private Investigators. You may think it's a good idea, but it'll be way more trouble than it's worth. Really, it's probably best to just go about your day and forget anything ever happened. Cause technically, nothing did.

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One Shots, Throwbacks, and Previews


A story about the chemical properties Helium, but also of true love and the lengths we'll go to preserve it (The two are much more similar than you'd expect). Jemma and Trak have been stuck in a long distance relationship from opposite sides of a planet at war with itself. Now they're ready to risk it all in hopes of being together in real life.

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The MOTHER Principle (Limited Edition Preview)

An exclusive sneak peek of my all new graphic novel series with Samantha Atzeni and Alicia Padron. In a dystopic future, the MOTHER organization has created a group of genetically perfect soldiers, a group of young girls destined to restore the world its former glory. But after escaping from MOTHER's tyranny, the girls find themselves in a desperate struggle to survive and avoid capture.

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GCD vol 1. God Save the King

Though this won't be coming out till 2016, I was lucky enough to have a special printing done of the first volume in my new series GCD, a handful of which are still available.

All it takes is three chords to write a great song. And all it takes is one great song to change the world. But when the King of Rock, Johnny Octane, passes away and an international battle of the bands is announced to crown his successor, you better hope you've got what it takes to make it past sound check.

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Life (With Friends)

This One Shot was done with Mike Kay as part of the 2009 Indy Comic Book Week. With graduation behind them Drew, B, and Kyle decide to hold a housewarming party to celebrate moving into their new apartment. College has come and gone, and tomorrow the real world will be waiting for them. It's a party of shocking revelations, unprecedented entertainment, and a morning after sure to leave all their heads reeling.

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Short Stories

Shrunken Wool vol. 1

Acting as Contributing Editor for Twofold Comics, I helped compile this great collection of short stories, and even contributed some of my own.

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Dead Future Anthology

Featuring my story Road Trip to the End of the World done with Michael Stewart.

Contained within the pages you will be taken on a twisted ride through the end of the world. From Kindergarten zombie hunters to docile day dwelling zombies and then back to an undead beginning in old Europe. You will travel through space and across deserts, through abandoned highways and burned out homes. When you reach the end you will truly come to understand our, Dead Future.

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